Your reach & summary of your articles and without responses stats with a single click and many improvements of the Medium stats page!
⚠️ Please keep in mind, this extension works only if you have and are logged into your account. Without that, the extension can NOT retrieve your Medium stats

📊 Get overview about your total Medium reach and stats for articles and responses!

Medium Enhanced Stats & Tags overview
✔️ Total reach indicator and milestones
✔️ Milestone reached celebration animation
✔️ Summary article table
✔️ Total article count, views, reads, fans, claps and claps per fan
✔️ User / publication selector (click user avatar in popup)
✔️ Download as an image and share with friends
✔️ Export and download stats as csv file extended by used tags information
✔️ Bar chart article and response markers 
✔️ Bar chart article contribution to daily total ("Show in chart" button)
✔️ Claps per article and claps per fan for every article
✔️ Summary row with total article count, views, reads, ...
✔️ Total paid out earnings 
✔️ Breakdown of earning types
✔️ Breakdown of withheld earnings
✔️ Add detailed tag info
✔️ using local storage so information for tags is updated once per 6 hours